Geologists, Hydrogeologists, and Environmental Scientists.

Geologists, Hydrogeologists, and Environmental Scientists.

Groundwater Consulting Services

Since 1891, we’ve been constantly evolving our approach and embracing new technologies to help clients solve complex groundwater issues. We specialize in hydrogeology, regulatory affairs, groundwater modeling, GIS and field instrumentation.

Resource Development

resource development management large water pump pouring water from ground known as groundwater blue block
  • Wellhead Protection studies
  • Source water assessment studies
  • Aquifer Characterization impact assessments
  • Well site selection
  • Wellfield design and testing
  • Sustainable Yield analysis
  • State and River Basin Permitting

Wellfield Services

large silver pipes for wellfield services
  • Well design
  • Wellfield evaluation
  • Well rehabilitation oversight
  • SRBC/DRBC Permitting