9/3/19 – Connoquenessing Creek Cleanup

On Saturday, August 24, Moody and Associates, Inc. employees Ian Williams, Dave Kurimsky, and Amanda Love took part in the 8th Annual Connoquenessing Creek Cleanup hosted by Allegheny Aquatic Alliance.  Volunteers at the event pulled a variety of items out of the stream from lost toys to industrial materials. A total of over 800 tires were recovered during the cleanup efforts.

The ‘Connie’, as it’s called by local Butler and Beaver County residents, is susceptible to flooding which sweeps litter into the stream.  In 2000, the Connie was rated the second most polluted waterway in America.  As a proud event sponsor to the cleanup, Moody is dedicated to the stewardship of our natural resources throughout the areas we work.

If any of our friends are interested in helping to conserve the Connie, there is another cleanup scheduled for Saturday, September 7.  For more information, contact Allegheny Aquatic Alliance at 724-371-0416 or alleghenyaquaticalliance@hotmail.com. For information online, go to the Allegheny Aquatic Alliance’s website at www.alleghenyaquaticalliance.com.