3/11/2022 – Welcome to Our New Hires!

It has been a busy start to 2022 and we would like to thank all of our employees, clients, friends and business partners. We are very fortunate to welcome new hires recently to all three of our office locations and would like to recognize them. Moody would like to welcome these talented professionals to the growing Moody team:

In our Athens office – Noah Dobson (Geoscientist 1) and Thomas Kuhn (Geoscientist 1)

In our Meadville office – Keith Held (Environmental Scientist 1) and Andrew Robisin (Environmental Scientist 1)

In our Washington office – Julia Griffin (Environmental Scientist 1) and Kim Mahoney (Environmental Scientist 1)

We are continuing to seek talented professionals to join our team at all offices. If you have interest in joining a long standing environmental, geologic and engineering consulting services company, check us out at: