Special Projects

Pad Location Evaluations 

Pad Location Evaluations (PLE) provides the operator with a quick environmental evaluation tool for well pad construction and placement.  A PLE investigates the potential impacts of well pad construction and natural gas development operations on surface water, ecologic receptors, groundwater wells, and gas wells in the immediate vicinity of proposed well pads.  GIS software provides an ideal tool for managing, organizing, and displaying the results of this analysis.  The mapping includes a 10,000 and 5,000 foot radius analysis overlay on USGS quad maps and aerial imagery. In addition, a detail analysis of the local geology is also mapped.

Pad Location Evaluation identifies:
  • Nearest residence and water supply wells/springs
  • Apparent bedrock fracture trace lineaments
  • Surface migration potential to nearest down-gradient receptor
  • Potential nearby environmental receptors
  • Cultural features (schools, daycares, nursing homes, hospitals, churches, historic landmarks)
  • National/State Forest lands or parks
  • Active or historic mining activities
  • Historic environmental issues
  • Pre-existing oil/gas wells
  • Public water supply wells/reservoirs/intakes

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