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Special Projects

With over 30 years experience in the mining industry, Moody and Associates, Inc., has specialized in several hydrogeologic aspects of mining. Some of these more unique aspects of mining include:

Mine Pools
We have been involved in several projects relating to closed and abandoned mines. Some of these projects involve:

  • Predicting post-mining mine pool elevations and water chemistry
  • Predicting the timing of post-mining pool sequential mine inundation
  • Pumping rate analysis to maintain pool elevation and dewatering times relative to mining
  • Investigating the use of mine pools as a source of water for beneficial purposes

  • Stream impacts due to subsidence
    Moody has developed a comprehensive plan based on current regulations that includes prediction of impacts, monitoring, mitigation and augmentation. Some specific aspects of this plan include:

  • Assessment of the relation of hydrogeologic factors to mine plans to predict stream impacts
  • Pre-mining stream assessment to identify and plan for predicted restoration areas
  • In-stream post-mining streambed restoration
  • Post-mining stream evaluation of mitigation efforts and flow recovery
  • Complete stream augmentation program including fracture trace analysis, geophysical survey, well drilling and testing for high capacity water wells

  • All these services may require expert testimony. The experience of Moody's geologists with the coal mining industry makes them ideal sources for credible legal testimony.

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