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Mining Consulting Services

The Mining Consulting Services Group at Moody deals with all three stages of the mining process: permitting, monitoring operations, and post-mining. The permitting process is a major part of the foundation for establishing a feasible mining plan to maximize resource recovery, while maintaining environmental sensitivity. A primary aspect of our consulting services for operational mines is the maintenance of permit requirements for regulatory compliance and to establish the basis for mitigation or restoration from impacts to water resources. Moody's consulting services are also designed to provide standard and innovative practices to evaluate and mitigate post-mining conditions. To address the challenges of each stage, we bring three critical qualities to every project - experience, diligence, and thoroughness.

Permitting Services:

  • Probable hydrologic consequence statements
  • Underground and surface mine permitting
  • Exploration drilling
  • Groundwater and surface water evaluation and inventory
  • Chapter 105 permits - stream restoration
  • Pre-mining stream impact assessment
  • Streambed geology mapping
  • Permitting of coal waste facilities
  • Regional hydrologic evaluations
  • UIC permitting

  • Operations Maintenance/Monitoring:

  • Stream and other surface water monitoring
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Pre-mining well performance testing and sampling
  • Monitoring well drilling and installation
  • Regulatory compliance sampling
  • Treatment system monitoring

  • Post-Mining Solutions:

  • Minor and Chapter 105 stream restoration
  • Post-mining water supply complaint investigation
  • Water supply performance testing
  • Water supply replacement
  • Stream condition assessment mapping
  • Stream augmentation program
  • Expert testimony
  • Moody maintains close contact with State and Federal agencies to stay on top of current policy developments and their implications to clients. Moody is also acutely aware of the nature and importance of collected data and uniquely qualified to understand and utilize the data in an interpretive way.

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