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About Us

The three Es of success
Experience. Efficiency. Effectiveness. These three qualities define Moody and Associates, Inc., and form the basis upon which our clients place their trust. To find out more about what we can do to assist you in your company's needs, read our statement of qualifications.

At Moody and Associates Inc., our experience is built on a foundation of continuous family ownership spanning over a century. This continuity and stability of the company has enabled us to develop a leadership team of professionals who are acknowledged innovators in their fields.

Our experience is manifested by the fact that we have been offering drilling and groundwater related services for over 100 years. Adding geologists and hydrogeologists to our staff to satisfy the needs of our clients for consulting services also enhanced our experience.

What sets Moody apart from the competition is our commitment to finding cost-effective ways to achieve our clients' objectives. Our planning process is specifically designed to find the most efficient solutions.

The definition of efficiency varies with client's needs. To water supply clients, it means the application of advanced technologies and equipment to achieve those efficiencies. For environmental consulting clients, the same efficiency is achieved through the application of sound scientific procedures and effective use of geologists, scientists and other staff.

Our clients benefit from the synergistic combination of experience and efficiency that lead to highly effective solutions. After all, cost management that does not produce exceptional results has little value. Our clients ranging from international corporations to small municipalities will attest to our effectiveness on their projects.

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